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“I began counselling because thoughts and anxieties were beginning to overwhelm me and impact negatively on my life. Through talking to Lois I’ve been able to understand my own mind much more. I have a greater understanding of why and when I can allow things to build up and develop into problems, which means it’s much easier to have things in perspective and stop them from building into problems in the first place.”


“I feel extremely positive about my counselling experience. I felt valued and respected.”


“I have learnt some strategies to help deal with situations that I find stressful and get anxious about. I find now that I’m actually pretty relaxed most of the time just because I’m much more at ease with myself and I know that if anything does come along that makes me feel stressed I have the tools to deal with it.”


“I feel more confident that my feelings and opinions are important and worthy of respect.”


“I’d definitely recommend counselling to anyone as it’s extremely useful to talk to someone completely objective and unattached to your life that has the skill and knowledge to guide you through a difficult time.”


“I feel stronger in myself, accepting the constraints around me, but knowing I have a voice and a right to expression and action.”


“Empowerment and noticing patterns in behaviour has been beneficial.”


“Thank you Lois. Your professional approach and insight was easy to work with.”


“I felt able to share my experience and very personal information, knowing that it was in total confidence and that you treated me with dignity and respect.”


“One significant thing for me was that on more than one occasion you made reference to thinking of me outside of my session. This made me feel that you cared about my situation and wanted to support me, which in turn made me feel valued.”


“Excellent counselling, helped me refocus my career.”


Counselling has been a chance to talk openly without judgment. A space to get my thoughts out and look at them and get ideas and analyse them.”


“Helped me to understand why I feel the way I do, and how to recognize my feelings and to talk openly about this.”


"Counselling offered me a dedicated time to offload as well as a non judgmental and unbiased sounding board.”


"Counselling has enabled me to have a better understanding and insight into how I ‘tick’, how things can unravel for me and what strategies may help in the future.”


“The experience was professional and confidential, you were kind and very helpful.”


"Counselling has helped me considerably. I feel that the wall in my mind has lifted, I feel very good about myself and free of self doubt.”